Commercial Projects

Executive School Forum 2010"Nach der Krise"  Executive School Forum 2010"Nach der Krise"

Swiss Federal Banking Commission (today: FINMA)

Strategy development, process redesign for division of bank licenses and fund licenses. Definition of IT strategy and user requirements incl. design of risk management and report systems. System evaluations.

Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (EDA)

Strategy assessment, process definitions and set up of a controlling system for HR and education

Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (BAFU)

Process redesign and implementation of an administration system (“Geschäftskontrollsystem”).

International Private Bank

Product and service concept, design of product innovation new VVA, business case, redesign of back office logistics and processes for financial planners, relationship managers and portfolio managers.

International Private Bank

Concept and set up of a financial planning/wealth management unit, definition of services, processes, business case. Set up/implementation of new operations.

Large Swiss Bank

Strategy development for internationalization of corporate client business, business case, implementation of new branches in Italy and Germany.

International Bank – Economic Research Division

Strategy development, restructuring and optimization of complete service portfolio. Modularization and automatization of products and media services incl. internet. Set up of internal knowledge management, strategy monitoring with balanced scorecards and set up of internal and external marketing.

International Bank – Real Estate Division

Strategy development, restructuring and optimization of all processes. Establishment of SLAs/ SSAs, restructuring of the real estate portfolio (8 bio CHF).

International Banking Group – International Private and Investment Banking

Re-engineering of front and back office – IT processes (business alignment). Reorganization and set up of a project management IT system (MIS) with Lotus Notes, all paper bound documentation was replaced.

International Banking Group, Retail Banking, Corporate Clients

Project leader workflow management and re-­enginee­ring of retail, corporate and investment banking processes (in Switzerland). System evaluations, Pilot installation for retail clients (product transactions and opening of bank accounts) and corporate clients (credit/loan applications) incl. several bu­siness cases.

International Banking Group, Corporate Clients Switzerland

Project leader of team for new loan processes, evaluation, business case, design and implementation of a new enterprise wide workflow-and-document management solution. Reorganization of loan department, set up of work out and service centers.

International Banking Group, Logistic Division Switzerland

Project leader for a facility and building automation system for 75 houses of the bank. Strategy development, Technical and organizational redesign as well as redefinition of processes and IT. System evaluation and development of a new MIS solution with OO tools, distributed objects (DOE) and integration of 50 proprietary operating systems (project value 7 Mio CHF).

International Banking Group, Investment Banking Division

Redesign user interface and processes for EBS application (electronic stock exchange Switzerland).

International Banking Group, Multinational Enterprise Division

Redesign of processes “customer care for multinational enterprises”, development of a new application “customer care for multinational enterprises”.

International Banking Group, Accounting/Controlling Division

Redesign solutions central reporting/MIS. Analysis of IT requirements of 500 users worldwide. Process redesign of all involved processes, implementation of new functions and user interfaces.

International Banking Group, Direct Banking

Strategy development, repositioning of products and processes within Electronic Banking Division. Analysis of user requirements, redesign of reports and processes, definition of functional specs, data modeling of applications, redesign of user interfaces.

International Banking Group, Corporate Center

Cost cutting initiative. Assessment of cost structures, processes, organization. Realization of overall savings of 90 Mio CHF.

Largest Payment Services Provider Switzerland (State Owned)

Project leader for re-engineering of all logistics wire transfer/ payment systems. Wide area workflow – and Internet implementing for all regions within Switzerland with integration of 15 applications on 5 (host)-platforms.

Postal Internet Service Provider

Assessment of e-business models, realignment of services, products., processes, structures to audit requirements. Realization of overall savings of 110 Mio CHF.

International Computer Manufacturer (Swiss Branch)

Strategy development for banking division (software and project business).

Swiss Group of Eight Cantonal Banks (State Owned)

Project leader of a reference process architecture for all involved banks and business case. Redesign of product-innovation process. Member of the expert groups “private banking” and “wholesale banking “.

International Insurance Group

Re-engineering of the claims management processes. IT design and system evaluation of a claims handling solutions incl. video links, workflow, el. archives, inter-/ intranet and diverse IBM host system integrations.

Large National Weather Service Provider

Assessment of corporate law platform for growth strategies, business strategy development