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Supervision of PhD/DBA projects

for the Charles Sturt University, Faculty of Business,


Running DBA thesis projects

Date   Author, Topic   Methodology
since 2012   Neher Alain –   The Influence of the Embedment of Managerial Values on the Corporate Financial Performance of Swiss SMEs, Charles Sturt University (Main Supervisor)   Quantitative
(ANOVA, TTest)
Content Analyis
(Annual Reports)
since 2012   Wiedmer, Marc – Development of a Knowledge Management Concept for the Rolling Stock Procurement Division of a Railroad Company, Charles Sturt University (Main Supervisor)   Quantitative, Frequencies, Inference Statistics
since 2014   Krebs, Daniel – Impact Model to Assess and Predict Differences of Impacts and Effects / Corporate Foresight for providing ITC Services, Sturt University (Main Supervisor)   Qualitative


Finished DBA thesis projects

2013   Liebermann, Frank, – Designing a Customer Communication System for Swiss Federal Railways, Charles Sturt University (Main Supervisor)   Quantitative (Frequencies, CHI2)
Qualitative Interviews
2012   Peter, Marc – Future Screening, A Framework for Advancing Strategic Corporate Foresight, Charles Sturt University (Main Supervisor)
Article online at www.sciencedirect.com/science/ article/
Thesis online at www.worldcat.org
  Qualitative Interviews
2011   Hofer, Susanne, Outsourcing of Facility Services, Charles Sturt University (Co Supervisor)
online at ifm.zhaw.ch/Publikationen
  Quantitative Interviews
2010   Frei, Bernhard, New Concepts in Strategy Development
(Main Supervisor)
  Qualitative Interviews
2010   Liedkte, Daniel – Volume standards and value based network structures: reconfiguring medical care in private hospital networks (Co Supervisor) – online at www.worldcat.org/title/   Qualitative Interviews
2010   Leu, Alexander – Operational Risk Management in SMEs – Modelling and Implementation, Charles Sturt University, May 2010., Charles Sturt University (Main Supervisor)   Quantitative Mathematical Modeling, Structured Equation Modeling
2009   Märki, Patric – Impact of Corporate Culture on Economical Success, Charles Sturt University (Main Supervisor)   Quantitative Regression, Confirmative Factor Analysis